Text Box: Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

We are proud of our Hollow Metal Shop, it’s where we do Magic! If you need welded frames fast, no problem...we stock them!  We can fabricate Sidelite Frames, Borrowed Lite Frames, we stock Cased Open Frames.

We stock the following jamb depths

5 5/8         5 7/8         5 3/4         6 1/4         7 1/8         8 1/4         Adjustable


Hollow Metal Frames

To contact us:

Phone: 352-373-7177

Fax: 352-373-0577

E-mail: dustendoorone@yahoo.com

Hollow Metal Doors

While other door distributors are cutting down on stocked inventory we are increasing ours.  We want to say “YES” we have that door!  In both 6’8 and 7’0 we stock the following:

2’0         2’4         2’6         2’8         2’10      

3’0         3’6         3’8         4’0

We stock doors in multiple hinge locations for a quick & easy retrofit:

Amweld, Ceco, Curries, Mesker, Premier, Republic, Steelcraft

Cylindrical or Mortise Edge and Double Bore

All of our stock doors are GALVANIZED